Felony Advice From A Criminal Attorney

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A felony conviction is a serious matter that may result in years in prison. The additional consequences can severely impact your life including hefty fines, difficulty finding employment, and embarrassment. The best way to prevent a conviction is to avoid committing a felony. However, if you are charged with a felony, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal justice attorney to restore your good name.

Every state has its laws. But generally speaking, felonies include these serious crimes. Rape, murder, arson, theft, and assault to cause bodily harm receive more severe punishments including prison and substantial fines of thousands of dollars. For very serious crimes in Louisiana, you may be charged with a sentence of death. First-degree murder and treason are capital crimes in this state. As of 2007, eighty-eight people are under the judgment of death by lethal injection in Louisiana.

Less severe crimes, misdemeanors, may be changed to a felony when there are other mitigating factors involved such as assault to a police officer. Some crimes that are often changed to felonies include drunk driving, domestic violence,  etc. Louisiana felony laws can be complicated. If you have been charged with a felony, you have the right to a criminal lawyer.   He will review your case weighing the strength of the evidence against you and explain the best options for you to pursue. This lawyer will ensure your rights to a fair trial.  He will explain the current law as applicable to your particular situation to develop a comprehensive legal strategy to strengthen your case. If the outcome of your trial is less than desired, this attorney will continue to fight through the appeal process aggressively. For more information, visit this experienced criminal justice attorney at http://www.StephendHebert.com.