Outstanding Covington Personal Injury Attorney

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Anyone can experience a personal injury. Serious injuries are often sudden and unexpected. In the blink of an eye, life-altering injuries can occur. When a serious injury occurs, it may seem difficult to recover and maintain your lifestyle and care for your family. The Upton Law Firm will stand by your side providing legal advice and guidance to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation allowed for your injury so that you can rebuild your life.

Serious injuries can result in significant emotional, physical, and mental problems. You may be concerned about being able to return to the family home, earn a living, paying mounting medical bills or if you can afford needed medical and rehabilitation treatments. Tim Upton’s expertise is assurance that you will be well represented and receive the attention and work that your case deserves.  Other than vehicular accidents, some other types of personal injury are intentional harm, battery, assault, dog bites, bed bugs and wrongful death etc.

In the state of Louisiana, there is a time limit on filing a personal injury lawsuit; therefore, it is important to seek the advice of this attorney as soon as possible and schedule a free initial consultation.

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